Auto Clinic of Naples,inc.
Volvo Specialist in Naples since 1990
6062 Lee Ann Lane
Naples,Florida 34109

 Preventative Maintenance Service per Volvo Recommendations

Services & Repairs offered

* Computer Diagnostics
* All mechanical including brakes, cooling system, driveline, drive and timing belts, fuel, engine electrical, engine mechanical, exhaust, steering and suspension.
* Air conditioning and interior equipment diagnostics and repairs
* Alignments-front end or four wheel
* Major mechanical such as engine and transmission replacement, and engine rebuild
* All Volvo recommended maintenance services on all models vintage through late.  This includes 15k, 20k, 30k, 50k, 60k, 70k, 105k intervals.   

    We love to perform oil changes on our customers Volvos.  This gives us the opportunity to perform inspections of various systems and components so that we may alert you to safety issues and future service and repair needs. 

     Our oil changes include changing the filter, drain plug seal and oil.  We also check and adjust tire pressures and inspect for tread wear.  Under carriage inspections are performed on the brakes, engine mounting, transmission mounting, driveline, exhaust and suspension.  We also inspect for oil, transmission, power steering and coolant leaks.   Engine bay inspections include cooling system components, drive belts, checking and adjusting power steering, coolant, brake and windshield washer fluids.  If your battery is serviceable, we inspect fluid level, clean and lube posts, and check battery mounting.  All locks and hinges are lubed and the service reminder indicator is reset.   

All major service intervals include tire rotation at no additional charge.

To schedule an appointment please call 239-593-1185.

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